Landowners and Land Agents

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd manages over 3,000 acres of woodlands for private landowners. We offer a full range of professional management services as well as supplying our own staff to undertake all woodland and land based operations. As a landowner, or land agent, this means you can deal with one company, with a constant point of contact, who ensure that all aspects of any projects or ongoing maintenance are completed in house.

Woodland Owners
Effective woodland management is essential for the long term future of your woods as well as adding to long term capital values. We understand the priorities of woodland owners and are able to provide effective advice on the management of your woodland for best commercial, amenity and sporting purposes. From initial consultation through design and grant application to planting and long term maintenance, Knighton Countryside Management is able to offer its clients an outstanding level of professional service and workmanship of the highest quality. We can advise and complete grant schemes and are able to integrate these with the aims and objectives of the Forestry Commission.

Tree Supply
Knighton Countryside Management can supply in excess of 250,000 trees per year to farmers, landowners and public bodies. We have excellent contacts with nurseries and growers throughout the UK and Europe and we are able to use our buying power to ensure that the customer benefits with the most competitive prices. We ensure that we have good stocks of all trees and planting products throughout the season. We also supply all types of hedging, both native and ornamental, from 1ft to 6ft tall, and we are very happy to advise you on the best planting combinations to realise your project.

Tree Protection
Knighton can both supply and plant trees for woodland projects, and as well as supplying the trees themselves we keep in stock a range of tree protection products. We carry the Tubex range, along with stakes, canes, spiral guards and tree ties. We can create specimen tree protection to blend in with or enhance any existing features on your estate.

Tree Care
From tree safety surveys to aesthetic adjustments and improvements, Knighton Countryside Management is able to advise on any tree works required. We also undertake full roadside and right of way tree risk assessments, to help provide peace of mind in public liability terms for landowners.

Weed Control & Spraying
We undertake all aspects of woodland spraying from manual spraying around small plantations to ATV spraying of large planting schemes. We also undertake ATV spraying for farmers and other landowners. Our lightweight low impact machines, such as our remote controlled mower / flail, are ideal for carrying out clearance and cutting work without damaging established or fragile parkland. Our fleet also includes tractor mounted flails, and a crawler, ideal for steep ground or plantation work.

Fencing and Tracks
By engaging us you can be sure of a comprehensive and professional service, providing you and your client with valuable peace of mind throughout the life of any project. We can offer a complete range of fencing services from boundary security to post and rails, hedges and stock fencing. We can also carry out ride clearance and maintenance and keep footpaths free from hanging branches and stumps.

Riparian Work
Knighton Countryside Management has undertaken a large number of bridge construction projects as well related riparian works – from clearing overgrown vegetation and trees, bank maintenance and reinforcing with hazel faggots to lake clearing. With bridges our emphasis is practical – structures that are robust and cost effective. With our own dedicated sawmill, we can adapt any design to meet Health and Safety or access requirements. We can carry out watercourse creation or improvement works.

Services include:
Conservation Schemes
Woodland Establishment
Woodland Maintenance
Hedgerow Establishment & Maintenance
Enhancement of Land for Sporting Interests
Ride Clearance
Flail Mowing
Manual Knapsack Spraying
Quad Spraying
Tractor Mounted Spraying
Invasive Species Removal
Strimming / Brushcutting
Thinning & Felling

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