Ecological Mitigation

Wildlife Mitigation

Pipeline, newt fencing and excavator

Reptile Mitigation installation on a Power Station Site

At Knighton Countryside Management Ltd, we specialise in putting in place measures recommended by ecologists. We will work to your plans, and we will find solutions that follow Natural England guidelines, so you can be certain that our work will comply with planning regulations and Wildlife legislation. Our SSIP accreditations and our long experience in the field mean your project is safe in our hands.

Understanding which species are protected and under which legislation they can be managed is often fairly complex and this is why we always work to the instruction of ecologists.

24 Hour Countrywide Response

Our experienced staff can be mobilised at 24 hours notice to sites throughout the United Kingdom. Our offices and yard are in Dorset, and we have back up available from a depot in Leicestershire: the two combined give us country wide coverage. In the course of 30 years in the industry we have amassed a range of specialist equipment which enables us to carry out mitigation work with maximum efficiency and minimum impact. Our position in the industry is fairly unique as, unlike many of our competitors, we directly employ over 40 staff and own the majority of our plant.

We have never been defeated by a project, no matter how complex or groundbreaking – ‘can-do’ is our ethos. We are regularly engaged to carry out the following works, and more information can be found by following the relevant link:

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Conservation Works
Great Crested Newts
Habitat Creation
Site Clearance
Water Voles