Newly laid hedge for Dormice

Hedgerow improvement works to encourage Dormouse population

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd are often asked to generate mitigation solutions for Dormice. There are two species of Dormice in the UK, and they are under threat from reduction in habitat in much the same way as is happening to Water Voles and invertebrates. Mitigation for Dormice is complex and always planned by an ecologist, and Knighton have the capability to realize the project.

Measures can include gradually removing existing habitats while enhancing and creating attractive habitats nearby. Dormice live in deciduous woodland and scrub and rarely venture into open spaces, so it is important to maintain linking areas between sites. They feed on the flowers, fruits and young leaves of trees as well as insects, so hedgerows and woodland need to contain a broad range of species so that food is available all year round. Hazel is key, both for the nuts and the insects it attracts. Knighton have supplied and planted literally millions of trees and hedging plants over the years and are expert in supplying and creating habitats of this type.

We have also built and installed a considerable number of Dormouse nest boxes as part of our ecological mitigation work. These are used both to survey for numbers prior to development, and to enhance new habitat, making it more attractive to translocated populations and therefore persuading the Dormice to settle in new environments. Knighton has also installed Dormouse bridges when there has been a need to allow populations to travel safely over roads.