Domestic Tree Surgery

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd

Finding a good local tree surgeon can be a worry. Prices vary tremendously, and it is hard to know if you are being given the right advice. Knighton can help. With several teams of fully qualified arborists available, we offer friendly service, a quick response and excellent results.

You will know you can trust us because we are Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors. In order to gain accreditation, companies are required to undergo rigorous annual checks and onsite inspections. Knighton is also registered with Trustmark, a government run mark scheme endorsing companies as having reached a certain standard.

What this means is that all Knighton employees are fully trained to carry out the work they do. They are covered by substantial insurances, and they have the knowledge and experience of a well-established company behind them. Some trees are protected, and Knighton will help clients to obtain the proper permissions to work on them. In addition, we can offer a free, no obligation quote, and we won’t pressure you to have work carried out. Because we do a massive amount of commercial tree work, we have an extensive range of specialist equipment which makes doing domestic tree work simpler, safer and quicker.

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd can offer a wide range of arboricultural services to domestic and residential clients all over the south west of England.

Tree Surgeon in garden

Maintenance and Pruning
Tall and luxuriant hedges are great to have, right up until the moment they need cutting back. Getting in a team of tree surgeons may seem over the top, but we have all the specialist equipment needed to carry out the work quickly and efficiently. If necessary, we can bring a Landrover mounted cherry picker, chainsaws and a wood chipper, so that even taller hedges can be quickly and neatly cut back and the arisings chipped and taken away.

Specimen Trees

Garden trees like some specialist attention from time to time. They can become very large, and start to encroach upon your light and space, and larger trees should be checked for safety. Roots can become compacted, and there are a number of pests and diseases that can cause problems. Knighton’s Arborists are here to help. Felling trees is generally a last resort but much can be done, with sensitive surgery, to reduce a tree without losing its natural shape.

If we do need to fell a tree, we can manage the whole process. A clear advantage to using a larger contractor is that we own a great deal of specialist kit, so unexpected hitches and difficulties are easily surmounted. Large trees are generally taken down in small sections – and safely lowered – a process known as sectional felling. The wood can be split into logs, or cut into lengths. We are also happy to remove it. Smaller arisings such as branches can be chipped and left for you as mulch, or taken away from site. Stumps are often an issue, but if these can’t be easily removed by hand we have a range of stump grinders and can make sure that the stumps are cleared. Once the tree is completely removed, we can either supply and plant a replacement, or make good the area by seeding or turfing. We can also install fencing, and carry out most garden landscaping work.

Taller trees can cause concern and the Knighton Arborists can install a lightning conductor for storm protection.

A tree trunk with a lightning conductor

A lighting conductor recently installed in an oak tree called Arthur

We also have the capacity to access smaller areas, with specially purchased narrow access machinery. This makes all the difference when working in smaller spaces with restricted gateways or split levels.

It is also possibly to move trees – this has varying degrees of success and we will advise you on the best possible way to carry out translocation. Surprisingly large specimens can be transplanted successfully.

Planning and Safety

For both commercial and domestic clients we can offer tree surveys compliant to BS5837 – Trees in Relation to Construction. These reports are often a requirement when submitting a request for planning permission.