Conservation Works

Conservation Works

Heathland Restoration
Areas of ancient heathland which have been planted with conifers, or over run with non native species, are now being restored and regenerated at a number of sites across the UK. Knighton’s teams have worked on many of these.

Blue sky and a boy with a chainsaw

Clearing scrub on the downs

Projects include:
Southdowns National Park
Forestry Commission Sites
New Forest
Canford Heath

Techniques for the restoration of these environments are being developed all the time. Knighton’s understanding of ecological issues and our ability to provide and operate low impact machinery make us an ideal choice when extensive work is needed.

Scrub Clearance
Scrub clearance is an area in which Knighton excel. As arborists, we have all the skills and equipment required to deal with larger trees and steep ground clearance. As ecological contractors, we have amassed skills and equipment that take into account the ecological sensitivities surrounding clearance and restoration.

For steep ground work we can provide a crawler and flail in addition to our tractor mounted flails. We also own one of the few ‘Green Climbers’ in the country; a low impact remote controlled flail mower which can be used on steep and inaccessible terrain without putting operators at risk. We own a variety of stump grinders: our remote controlled Predator makes light work of even the biggest stumps, and we have additional smaller units as well as attachments for our tractors and mini skid steers.

Vegetation Management and Weed Control
Knighton have an excellent track record when it comes to vegetation management. Our specialist teams can use both mechanical and chemical controls to deal with invasive species such as rhododendron, Japanese Knotweed and Ragwort.

For low impact access, our lightweight tracked machines provide good holding in sticky conditions without tearing up the ground. All Knighton’s staff are trained to recognise potential ecological damage, so they are aware of the need to protect nesting birds, invertebrates, reptiles and other protected species.

Cherry Picker at Lulworth Castle

Our 27 Metre 4wd Cherry Picker working on trees prior to Camp Bestival

Knighton have plenty of experience of riparian work. Overgrown and neglected ponds and lakes can be cleared out and replanted. Stream and river banks can be sympathetically improved and reinforced using bundles of faggots.

Our 27 metre reach cherry picker is available to hire, and can be extraordinarily useful for work at height on buildings as well as in arboricultural work. It is in regular use at events such as The Great Dorset Steam Fair, for putting up banners and lighting. It has been used for the inspection and repair of local landmarks and buildings, such as those on the Moreton Estate. Because it is mounted on a 4WD Lorry Platform it is extremely versatile, given excellent access in awkward areas.

Knighton Countryside own plenty of mechanical equipment , but what makes us different is that our employees have a passion for conservation and the environment. This means we are committed to conservation and will go the extra mile to make sure that ecosystems are protected – it’s never just a job to us.