Commercial Arboriculture

Commercial Arboriculture

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd offer an extensive commercial arboriculture service. Depending on the client’s requirements, we will tender for projects, be part of an approved contractor framework, or agree a service contract.

Commercial tree work is very varied and covers a number of different services. One of the benefits of choosing Knighton to carry out tree work is that we are multi-skilled company, and therefore we can carry out any additional land management works at the same time should your require them.

Rapid Response Times

Our fleet tracker allows us to send the nearest available personnel directly to short notice callouts. We are also able to track exactly where various equipment is at any given time, which means that we can send back up and additional kit to sites extremely quickly. For example, by the time the cherry picker has arrived from the yard, an advance team will already be in place preparing the site with signage and carrying out risk assessments. In some cases, we will have the first teams on site within 10 minutes of a phone call. This is crucial when responding to road or rail-side clearances.

Network Rail

A good number of our staff hold Sentinel Personal Track Safety Certification. This means that we can supply staff to work on the railways, even at short notice. This is particularly useful if you need someone to carry out specialist tree work trackside unexpecteTrackside Staffdly. As with all the services we offer, we don’t just work in Dorset and the West Country – we have the capacity and the flexibility to send rail trained staff all over the country – sometimes at less than 24 hours’ notice.

Roadside work

Knighton’s staff are all trained to work on or near the highway when required. We have our own signage for closures, and staff are trained in Signing, Lighting and Guarding, so that they really understand the safe

The Tree Surgeons carrying out emergency tree work

Removing a storm damaged limb

and correct way to operate in traffic. All our employees are provided with Class 3 Hi Visibility clothing as standard, so that they are compliant to work on any site. Our fleet of vehicles are sign written, and fitted with flashing beacons and reflective chevrons for additional visibility.

Dangerous Trees

Tree Clearance with police

Clearing a windblown tree with the police in attendance

KCM staff pride ourselves on our ability to service emergency tree work. During the storms of the last few winters, we sometimes attended over 100 calls a week, and over 30 a day. When a storm is expected, our fully kitted out arb trucks are always at the ready. We use technology to assist us. We use our state of the art tracking software to move the fleet around in the most effective way possible. If necessary, we man the office round the clock so that teams can come in and out for equipment, food and dry kit. The first people on site will either deal with the issue immediately or contact the office for more resources. Smart phones mean that we can send photographs so that problems can be discussed effectively, and we are able to route personnel to sites by email and text message. We are excellent at prioritising so that sites are cleared and made safe quickly, and more comprehensive clear ups can then be completed once the crisis period has passed. A recent incident with a dangerous tree saw both the Directors working alongside the teams on the A35 to make safe a tree that had been hit by a lorry – Knighton’s ‘can do’ attitude comes right from the top of the company.

We currently service contracts to clear windblown trees across Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Tree Safety

On sites which are regularly accessed by the general public, Knighton can carry out tree safety assessments. For example, before the first Camp Bestival in Dorset we were asked to survey and make safe the trees on the Lulworth Estate. If you have already had your surveys carried out then we are very happy to complete any recommended works, and we can plan a rolling programme of works to suite your requirements.


Commercial Arboriculture projects are often on a large scale and can present a problem with the disposal of arisings. We can offer some very effective solutions.

For forestry, we work with a small number of companies who will work with you to harvest and sell your timber as part of a managed plan.

Valtra and Forwarder in Devon

The Valtra and forwarding trailer moving timber off site

As we have our own portable saw mill we can process smaller amounts on site to your requirements. We also offer a woodland management service, so we can both plan and plant new woodlands for a variety of purposes.

Knighton’s fleet of wood chippers enable even large arisings to be chipped for disposal.

Tracked Chipper in the Somerset Woodlands

Chipping the arisings into piles to be used later on in the project

These are often used on site as mulch, or piled up to form habitat for local wildlife. We can also remove the arisings from site, after which they are used in landscaping projects, or sent into the biofuel industry.