Careers at Knighton

The boys at Chelsea

Head of Arboriculture Jason Giladjian with apprentice Sam, Kieran from the Studio School, and Jago Keen, Chair of the Arboricultural Association, at Chelsea Flower Show

Knighton carries out a broad variety of work, and that means we can keep people busy all year round.

We have a thriving apprenticeship programme, having now worked with around 30 tree surgery and forestry apprentices over the last 10 years, in conjunction with Kingston Maurward College. This year, we are also excited to be developing a traineeship programme with the Dorset Studio School.

Apprentices generally join us in August or September, ready for the start of term at Kingston Maurward. They will spend a day each week at college, and the rest of the time they spend on site with

the company, working as full members of the team in their chosen speciality. By the time they complete their apprenticeship, they have generally achieved a number of very useful qualifications.

Traineeships are a relatively new Government initiative. They are designed for young people who perhaps aren’t ready to spend a year or more completing an apprenticeship, but who want to be in a working environment. They can spend time in the workplace developing employability skills and getting to know different aspects of the job before going on to further training.

There are some useful sites if you would like more information on Apprenticeships or Traineeships

The Gov.Uk Site has information about Post 16 Training


Vacancy Search

Not Going to Uni  is a sponsored site by a particular college, but it does have some useful information and links.


Other routes

With very few exceptions, all Knighton staff begin by working as part of a team, even those who very quickly become foremen or team leaders. This gives new staff the opportunity to understand how the company and work sites function under the direction of an experienced manager. Staff include people from all walks of life as well as those who have joined us through the land based education system.

We often recruit staff during our busier periods, and jobs are advertised in places such as the Blackmore Vale Magazine, the Dorset Echo and the Job Centre Website. We are always interested to hear from people looking for work. We are particularly interested in people who hold CSCS cards, chainsaw qualifications and driving licenses.