National Trust sites

National Trust sites

Project Description
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  • May 6, 2016

Knighton Countryside have worked on a number of National Trust sites in the South West, carrying out a variety of tasks.


Working for the Kingston Lacy Estate, the Knighton Arborists have worked on the famous Beech Avenue, carrying out critical maintenance work which has prolonged the life span of these historic trees. Working at the roadside during the dormant period, we were responsible for felling, removing dead wood, crown reductions, and lifting branches to the statutory highway height.

We carried out an extensive programme of ‘halo’ thinning in Holt Forest, a technique developed to improve veteran trees in conifer forests. Clearing vegetation around the tree discourages saplings from growing through the crowns, and prevents shade tolerant species such as holly from suppressing forms of biodiversity such as lichen growth. After the work is completed the stumps are treated to prevent regrowth. Holt Forest is an ancient semi natural woodland and is a SSSI.

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd installed a series of boardwalks within the main gardens at Kingston Lacy. Using our own sawmill we were able to make use of timber felled on site. In addition, we recently carried out extensive flailing work at Studland Bay. As Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors we pride ourselves on the quality and commitment of our tree surgeons, but we also work extensively within the field of ecological contracting. As such, our understanding of wider environmental issues is second to none. Alongside our highly qualified arborists we employ staff who specialise in ecologically and environmentally sensitive projects. We understand the need to encourage biodiversity and enhance existing habitats.

As a company we are well resourced to carry out a wide variety of tasks. Our Sky King Cherry picker is 4WD mounted and has a reach of 27m, which allows us to work on trees from a greater distance, protecting the rhizosphere and enabling our staff to work in greater safety. Where machinery or vehicles are needed close to trees we use root protection plates to prevent ground pressure damage. We use cranes when working on larger projects in order to control the lowering of limbs and prevent any uncontrolled damage.