Caravan Club

Caravan Club

Project Description
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  • October 6, 2016

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd have carried out works for the Caravan Club since 2012.

Tree Surveys.

Our qualified surveyors carried out detailed Tree Risk Assessments of Caravan Club sites in the South West, and then devised and implemented a programme of remedial and maintenance works. These have to be carried out a specific times around the sites’ trading periods. Although much of the works are driven by health & safety requirements, the aesthetics of the sites are key. Some work is on veteran trees, all has to take careful account of the overall appearance and preservation of the landscaping.

Emergency Tree Works

Knighton Countryside Management Ltd.’s arborists attend and make safe any windblown or storm damaged trees within a set time frame—always less than 24 hours from notification and generally within 2-4 hours. We are uniquely able to resource this type of service as we own two cherry pickers, a 27m Sky King, and a Nifty Lift, both mounted on 4wd vehicles. With a range of vehicles in our fleet, including all terrain support vehicles and a welfare unit, we are able to access any site to work effectively and for long periods of time.


As well as carrying out arboricultural works for the Caravan Club, Knighton have carried out planting and landscaping works. We have also installed gates and fencing. Working for companies such as the Caravan Club requires us to have a robust and effective Health & Safety regime. This is audited for CHAS by the Arboricultural Association, and as such we can be sure that we keep up to date with industry specific developments.

Further afield

Work for the Caravan Club sees our Arborists working at a greater distance from our base in Dorset. As a company, we expect our employees to work away from base and we have an administrative structure that supports this. At present, we have teams working as far afield as Wigan, Corby, Norfolk and Leicestershire as well as more locally. We understand the logistics of providing technical, administrative and health & safety support to teams working away from home, whether overnight or for extended periods.