Knighton’s main depot is in Piddlehinton, near Dorchester. Because our contracts are serviced by our own staff we are able to recognise and address gaps in performance very quickly, and staff understand the importance of a job being safely delivered, on time, on budget and exceeding the quality standards required. This ensures a responsive evaluation cycle, using the ‘analyse-plan-do-review’ model, so that any potential issues are addressed straight away, either through in house training or by using an accredited training provider. The number of staff we employ and the wide range of skills and certification they hold allows us to select the right team for each job without having to compromise on standards.
In April 2016 we opened our purpose built workshop, and our two full time fitter mechanics keep our extensive fleet of plant and vehicles on the road.

Works Process:

Managing Director, Mark Gibbens, is supported by General Manager Paul Young, and head of Arboriculture Jason Giladjian, who are, between them, responsible for the allocation of the workforce.

Operations are managed by way of a daily planner, listing all staff, projects and resources. Jobs are planned weekly, with teams being seen out of the yard each morning by the general manager, who is on hand to provide operational support from 6am, or earlier when needed. The planning is reactive, and reviewed each evening.Planning in process

Safety Critical Paperwork being put together for a job pack

Safety Critical Paperwork being put together for a job pack

Once a job is accepted, it is scheduled into the works planner, and a job pack is created. This consists of safety critical and other paperwork, and if required it will be sent to the client for approval. The foreman in charge will take the job pack to site and will make sure that all is correct. Any discrepancies between the site and the paperwork provided are immediately fed back to the office, which allows for excellent communication with clients.

During periods of high wind we might service as many as 30 tree surgery callouts a day in Dorset alone. In order to do this efficiently, all our vehicles are tracked and have driver identification units. This means we can always send the closest vehicle to any callout, and we also know where to find the most appropriately qualified operative. During busy periods the depot is often manned from 4.30 in the morning, and through the night if necessary.

Picture of Knighton's vehicles on the tracker

Our vehicle tracker in action: the live feed tells us where each vehicle is and who is driving