Flailing & Steep Ground Work

Steep Ground Clearance

Picture of crawler and fastrac on the downs above Corfe

Our crawler and flail have cleared many a steep spot around the west of England – and further afield.

Steep ground clearance work is always challenging and Knighton Countryside Management have a number of methods available for clearing steep areas safely and efficiently.  Our crawler and flail are always in demand, and we have used this combination to clear large areas of countryside. Our tractor mounted flails are versatile as well, and can clear surprisingly steep areas safely.

Remote control

Mowing remotely under solar panels in Wiltshire

The remote controlled green climber mowing under solar panels

An exciting addition to our plant has been our Green Climber. This remote controlled machine has wide tracks that can be moved outward to increase its stability. It has interchangeable heads which include a flail, mower and trencher unit. The machine was designed to work on areas that are less convenient such as road and railway embankments. It will work safely on slopes of up to 60°, in any direction, and its inbuilt direction correction system controls the tendency of the machine to head downhill. We have also found the Green Climber exceptionally useful when carrying out Solar Farm Vegetation Control, as its height and manoeuvrability make it ideally suited for working around solar panels.

Hand Clearing

Cutting and burning gorse by the sea

Hand clearing gorse from Bindon Hill near Lulworth in Dorset

Hand clearing is often overlooked but can be the most efficient way to clear areas that are hard to access mechanically. Because Knighton employ a number of arborists, we can offer teams fully qualified to operate from a rope and harness. This has proved extremely useful when carrying out vegetation management work on cliffs. Hand clearing, though slower than machine clearing, can offer a more selective approach when only certain species need to be eradicated.