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A picture of our lorry with lots of plant on it

Small plant being loaded on to our flatbed lorry for removal from site

Knighton Countryside Management specialises in ecological works and undertakes a broad range of operations across Southern England and Wales.

We don’t generally carry out professional ecology services. Instead, we focus our excellent resource base on implementing mitigation measures, and by doing so we avoid any conflict of interests. We directly employ 50 staff. You will know that when we put a team on site, the staff have been trained by us, and consequently they understand the nature of ecological work.

Tight Timescales
Knighton’s plant has been chosen to be easily transportable and low impact: ideal for ecological contracting work. It can be deployed anywhere in the country, on our own vehicles, within 24 hours of your phone call.

We keep plenty of mitigation fencing in stock, so we are always ready to get on site.

Multi Disciplinary Solutions

Knighton's trenchers all ready to install some newt fencing

Our fleet of skid steer loaders enjoying some rare down time for a clean and service

If you need landscaping, green space regeneration, tree work, or perhaps last minute site preparation work, we can make it happen without you having to find additional contractors. We are truly multi skilled and multi talented, and ‘can do’ is at the heart of our ethos.

Our compliance to industry safety standards is second to none. Because ecological work is often commissioned at very short notice, as ecologists you can be confident that your contractors are arriving on site with all paperwork in place, with well-maintained machinery and with fully qualified operators.


We have successfully worked in conjunction with ecologists on projects from reptile mitigation to habitat rejuvenation. Ecological projects are controlled by a myriad of different regulations: we have consistently met these requirements and completed works on or ahead of schedule.

We have never failed to deliver an ecological mitigation project.